Follow-up of graduates

The recognition of the academic, scientific, institutional and political importance of the Amazon Program is also demonstrated by the origin of the students. The Program absorbs students from the state of Pará and other states in the region, from higher education institutions, professionals from other municipalities and from federal, state and municipal public agencies. We count until the end of 2014 with 121 graduates and 121 dissertations defended and 44 enrolled students. These figures reveal the social and regional insertion of the Program, which enables students from the state of Pará and other states, such as Maranhão, Amapá and Tocantins, to take a public, free and, above all, quality graduate course, because PPGEO has qualified staff that vivifies, enhances and innovates in the geographical field of the region. Since the selection process of 2014, the program has been designed to attract foreign students, which resulted in the selection process for the year 2015, since one student from Bolivia and one from Cape Verde were approved, as well as a professor from Cuba doing postdoctoral stage, the result of a project developed by Professor Claudio Fabian Szlafsztein. The arrival of students from Latin America and Africa expresses our intention to dialogue with societies and spaces that have their socio-spatial formation similar to the Brazilian one. Our contribution to the Amazónian society is intense and comprehensive, highlighting the training of researchers who enter the career of higher education in federal and state educational institutions. The participation of our graduates is constant in the selective processes to fill the position of higher education, as well as filling vacancies. Thus, we have five at the Federal University of Pará, three at the Federal University of the West of Pará (UFOPA), three at the State University of Pará (UEPA), one at the Federal University of Maranhão (UFMA), one at the State University of Amapá (UEAP), one at the Federal University of Amapá, four at the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Pará (IFPA) Federal University of Education, Science and Technology of Amapá (IFAP), five in the Campus of Marabá and three in the Altamira Campus of the Federal University of Pará. We have graduates approved in public selection processes or contracted in institutions, municipalities and diverse companies like Pará Military Police, IDEFLOR, COSANPA, SUDAM, INCRA, PRODEPA-PARÁ, EMBRAPA, MPEG, IBAMA, ICMBIO, VALE, CODEM-PARÁ, SEFIN-PARÁ, ADEPARÁ, IPHAN, EMATER, SETUR-PARÁ, SIPAM, IDESP-PARÁ, INPE, DNPM , CPRM, ITERPA-PARÁ, SEMA-PARÁ, SEPAQ-PARÁ and IBGE.

We have contributed to the internship process of the Geography course of the Federal University of Pará. Our professors have worked in the education of graduates and bachelors in Geography in the cities of Juruti, Parauapebas, Oriximiná, Nova Esperança do Piriá, Abaetetuba, Castanhal, Breves, among others, allowing the professional qualification of hundreds of geographers, as well as teaching disciplines, we guide course completion work.

Our professors and students constantly make themselves present in the printed and televised media to express their point of view on themes developed in their research and dissertation projects. Topics such as agribusiness expansion in the Amazon, environmental risks and impacts, water resources management, urban problems, among others.