Study Group and Research on Disasters in the Amazon (PEGEDAM)

Leader: Cláudio Fabian Slafsztein


Research Group Territorial Planning, Urban Space and Violence in the Amazon

Leader: Clay Anderson Nunes Chagas


Environment and Population in the Amazon (MAPA)

Leader: Gilberto Miranda Rocha


Academic Group Territory Production and Environment in the Amazon (GAPTA)

Leader: João Marcio Palheta da Silva


Research Group Territorial Dynamics of Agrarian Space in the Amazon (GDEA)

Leader: João Santos Nahum


Study Group Development and Territorial Dynamics in the Amazon (GEDTAM)

Leader: José Antônio Herrera


Center for Agricultural Studies and Projects on Development, Space and Conflict (NEADEC)

Leader: José Sobreiro Filho


Geographical Research and Studies Laboratory About Habitação e Moradia (LAHAM)

Leader: Jovenildo Cardoso Rodrigues


Landscape and Environmental Planning Study Group (GEPPAM)

Leader: Márcia Aparecida da Silva Pimentel


Tourism Geography Group (GGEOTUR)

Leader: Maria Goretti da Costa Tavares 


Territorial Dynamics of the Amazon (DITAMA)

Leader: Ricardo Ângelo Pereira Lima